Synapse & Electrical Units

The programs of the holistic induction therapy mirror to the brain its own harmonious rhythms and remind it of the original, correct oscillatory behavior. Carefully the brain is guided towards oscillating in the natural rhythm and to change from one frequency range to another as appropriate to a given situation.

Medical studies have shown, that holistic induction therapy does not alter the characteristics of the brainwaves themselves, but only effects their rhythmical behavior and therefore does not therapeutically treat the brain, but treats like the brain. Rest and relaxation enter the overworked and over-stimulated brain areas. Potentially blocked symptoms can return to normalcy and the disease symptoms, which are connected to specific information blockages, are supported in dissolving. The synapsis induction therapy of Esogetic Medicine is a method, which on one hand does not have side-effects, and on the other hand is adapted as closely as humanly possible to the natural body response brain activities.

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New Adapter Package For Home Synapsis 2New Adapter Package For Home Synapsis 2

This adaptor enables you to attach 4 cables to four different reflex points on the body at the same time, using adhesive electrodes. And it comes with two new Induction programs; the Point Gamma program and the Point Combi program.

Professional Synapsis Wave 2Professional Synapsis Wave 2

The Mandel Institute has recently introduced a new and improved version of the Professional Wave Synapsis machine. This machine is designed for use in a professional practice and is more durable than the portable Home Synapsis.

Replacement Cable for Home Synapsis UnitReplacement Cable for Home Synapsis Unit$72.00
Replacement Cables for Point Synapsis UnitReplacement Cables for Point Synapsis Unit$85.00
Synapse Home 2Synapse Home 2

We are happy to have the opportunity to introduce to you our new Synapsis Home 2, as well as some newly developed programs by Peter Mandel.

Synapsis Point with EtherSynapsis Point with Ether

Professional instrument for point therapy:

The Institute has created a new Point Synapsis machine which has the added program for Gamma.