In cooperation with the Svarowski Company, Peter Mandel has developed a highly sophisticated procedure to produce therapy crystals with targeted information. These pure crystals are enhanced by cut or engraved holographic primary patterns of the earth’s hologram. This hologram is believed to correspond to the intrinsic human body-related information patterns.

Crystal Therapies are taught in the Esogetic Crystal Therapy Seminar and the Tree of Life Crystal Therapy Seminar.

For more information on Crystal Therapies, click here.

12 Healing Symbols12 Healing Symbols

Peter Mandel has created twelve new healing symbols which are based on the work of Erich Korbler. Korbler has called his method ” New Homeopathy” because it is affecting the subtle energetic field of the body via geometrical figures. Peter mentions in his manual that he has been using these symbols successfully on animals.

New Crystal BallNew Crystal Ball

The Mandel Institute has remade the original Crystal Ball which can be attached to any colored light rod.

The Disc of ElementsThe Disc of Elements

These are holographic patterns which contain supraordinate feedback functions and are thus able to provide regulatory impulses.

The Esogetic ClockThe Esogetic Clock

This powerful piece of sacred geometry can be worn as a pendant and also can be used in such treatments as the Esogetic attachment therapies.

Crystal ActivatorCrystal Activator

The wonderful Crystal Activator is now available. The activator is a large crystal disc, exquisitely cut in a holographic design (the “Earth” Hologram). It powerfully stimulates self-healing and deep inner relaxation when applied to special reflex zones on the body.

The Activator comes with a simple user’s guide.

Clear Crystal ActivatorClear Crystal Activator

This new crystal has been manufactured precisely according to Peter Mandel’s specifications. Like the original Crystal Activator, it is a large crystal disc, cut in a holographic design called the Earth Hologram.

Black Crystal ActivatorBlack Crystal Activator

The “Black Crystal” has also been manufactured specifically according to Peter Mandel’s design.

Peter Mandel calls it the “activator of the inner light”. It activates the inner light in the cells and thus influences the blocked transfer of light from the inside towards the outside.

Each activator comes with an extensive user’s manual.

Black Crystal Activator Manual

Soul Spirit Element CrystalsSoul Spirit Element Crystals

This box set contains four faceted Soul Spirit crystal discs  used to treat deeper emotional layers and connect to the spirit levels.

Dream Disc SetDream Disc Set

“Dream Yourself Free – Activation of Dreams through Symbols” Peter Mandel Dream Set:
Includes Dream Disc, Book with Symbol Cards and Esogetic Oil

Soul Spirit Element Crystals with Gold & Silver Box SetSoul Spirit Element Crystals with Gold & Silver Box Set

Box set contains four faceted Soul Spirit crystals plus the gold and silver crystals used to treat deeper emotional layers and connect to the spirit levels.

Love Disc SetLove Disc Set

In conjunction with the Oil of Love, the effectiveness of the Love Disc is increased. The essential Oil of Love has been developed especially for this application, and it is based upon a secret formula.

Set of Nine CrystalsSet of Nine Crystals$700.00
Single Grey CrystalSingle Grey Crystal

From the point of view of physics, grey is a quality that operates independently of a wavelength. The birth of color happens when light and dark meet in the original grey.

Crystal SpheresCrystal Spheres

The soul/spirit crystal spheres can be used with the Perlux P117 Light Set and considerably enhances its effectiveness for soul spirit therapies.

Crystal Puncture with Embedded HologramsCrystal Puncture with Embedded Holograms

These tiny adhesive crystals are applied directly (with a non-allergenic adhesive) to specific acupuncture and reflex points on the skin.

$130.00 130
Single Sheet of Crystal TattoosSingle Sheet of Crystal Tattoos

100 adhesive crystal tattoos on a single sheet to be applied to acu-points with non-allergenic adhesive.  Please note that the set of 300 is pictured here, not the single sheet. The single sheet cost is $42 plus shipping.

$40.00 40
Gold CrystalGold Crystal

Faceted gold crystal for application to reflex points on the body to stimulate self-healing powers and relaxation.  Gold symbolizes sun/masculine.

Crystal Meditation HeadbandCrystal Meditation Headband

This new creation from Peter Mandel is embedded with tiny crystals arranged in the ancient symbols connected with the eight trigrams of the Chinese I CHING. The symbols used in this Meditation Headband are designed to activate feelings of centeredness and openness to spirit.

Crystal Meditation Headband Manual

Silver CrystalSilver Crystal

Faceted silver crystal for application to reflex points on the body to stimulate self-healing powers and relaxation.  Silver symbolizes moon/feminine.

The New Earth Disc (Disc of Life)The New Earth Disc (Disc of Life)

Peter’s new Earth Disc is part of the series of discs Peter has created including the Dream disc (disc of Light) and the Heart Disc (Disc of Love).

Grey CrystalsGrey Crystals

This new set of three Grey faceted crystals (light, medium and dark) is used to restore contact with the informational sources of light and healing.