Crystal Therapies

In cooperation with the Svarowski Company, Dr. Peter Mandel has developed a highly sophisticated process to produce therapy crystals.  These pure crystals are enhanced by cut or engraved holographic primary patterns of the earth’s hologram.  This hologram is believed to correspond to the intrinsic human body-related information patterns.

At first glance the Esogetic crystals simply look like fascinating precision cut pieces of jewelry. But they really pack “a punch.” They are the carriers of original energetic patterns. These are holographic patterns of information, which are firmly anchored in nature and thus also in the human being. They are the final arbiters of health or disease, because they can be altered, for instance through conflicts. When denied, suppressed or blocked conflicts “eat away” at our internal balance. Our harmonious foundational patterns change and wrong information is the result. We are no longer in our “center”, which opens the door wide for ill-health, disease and pain. The Esogetic crystals can show us the way back to harmony and well-being.  The crystals are an extraordinary life elixir, a “mini-vacation” to relax and to increase the general sense of well-being.

The Crystal Activator
The crystal activator addresses the body and the psyche –and thus talks to our entire being. Through very distinct reflex areas the large crystal activates self-healing powers that are present in each of us. It can be used as a basic treatment for any irregularities. Balancing, relaxing, stimulating. It supports self-confidence and radiance.  The crystal activator can also be used in combination with other crystals.

The Facetted Crystals
When worn on the body, the facetted crystals have been proven to stimulate rest and relaxation.  When applied to the center of the forehead or other body zones, they address specific physical and psychological aspects.

Crystals of Polarity: Gold & Silver
Balance = weight + counterweight, that is the functional formula for our lives. No day without night, no above without the below – and no masculine principle without the feminine. Everything is defined through its polar opposite. That is the only way for harmony and unity to develop. The human being lives (or at least should live) according to this polarity principle. Most often the balance is missing, however. Most of the time a person is attracted to one of the poles and becomes “one-sided.” It is truly not easy to find the balance between these two polarities in our lives. By supplying that which is missing, it becomes more possible to approach one’s own center. That is the exact purpose of these two facetted crystals:

Gold – directed outwards:

A person who is rather introverted and directed towards the inside, but who wants to open up should choose the gold of the sun. Gold symbolizes “radiance”, light, warmth, alertness, activity and internal energy which is emitting towards the outside.

Silver – directed inwards:

The silver crystal as a symbol of the moon is the polarity to the gold of the sun. It represents the coolness of the night, relaxes and allows the person to focus on their inner world. It is the crystal of sleep, dreams and meditation.


Crystals of the Elements: Crimson, Light Green, Light Turquoise & Rose
The holographic engravings of the facetted crystals of the elements correspond to the four elements, which are the materials from which our life has been created. The four colors are based on the traditional correspondences of the elements. The influence of these elements in our lives can be clearly felt each and every day. Whenever the elements become unbalanced we do not feel well.

Rose – Water: Assigned to the mother principle. It symbolizes the flow of our inner life, security, inner powers and the search for spirituality. On the other hand it represents suppressed intuition and unlived creativity. It amplifies the following psychological aspects: Sensitivity and depth of feelings, inner peace, suggestive power, psychic assistance, self-realization. Astrological signs: Cancer,  Scorpio, Pisces.

Crimson – Fire: Represents the masculine aspect, power, rage, anger, psychological and physical readiness to fight – but also love as the “fire of the heart”, excitement, feelings, which we express outwards, insight and recognition. Strengthens self-assertion, readiness for conflict, recognition, success, sovereignty, leadership ability, openness towards the world, justice, honor. Astrological signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Light Green – Earth: Unites all four elements in itself. Corresponds to the drive for inner harmony, respect, diligence, security and consistency. We also find the “opposite”: inner hardness, “not being able to let go.” Increases sensuality, patience, endurance, follow-through in action, reliability, goal orientation, a sense of duty, emotional need for security, a “no frills” perspective. Astrological signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.
Light Turquoise – Air: The air element connects our inner and outer world to the divine. Its essence are movement and freedom, versatility, culture and esthetics contrasted by superficiality, internal struggles, permanent stress and restlessness. Increases desire for communication, thirst for knowledge, peacefulness, expression of individuality, creativity, independence. Astrological signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.

Point Adhesive Crystals

Miniature crystals instead of needles! Crystal puncture –usually reserved for therapists – addresses the three levels of body/matter, soul/energy and spirit/information. It has been very successful, particularly in the treatment of the causes of diseases. Moreover the crystals can amplify any type of point therapy.  The crystals are applied with an anti-allergenic glue in an entirely painless manner.

This new, effective alternative to the needle has been eagerly accepted – in part because of the attractive visual effect of this “precious” method of treatment.

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