Infrared Light Therapies

Together with Professor Fritz-Albert Popp, Dr. Peter Mandel has created pain therapies which use incoherent infrared light. The infrared light is calibrated at the border of visible and invisible light at exactly 950 nanometers. According to Professor Popp’s research, that is the exact frequency of the cell nucleus.  Using reflex areas, infrared affects not only pain but psychological irregularities as well.  The infrared light is introduced into the body through 207 different points and zones on the skin.

Why Infrared?

Infrared therapy is nothing new. What is new, however, are the technique and treatment concepts of Esogetic Medicine.  Contrary to the bundled (coherent) laser beam, the infrared light has a scattered range of emission (incoherent).

The process of infrared therapy can be imagined in this manner:

  1. The points and zones belonging to the local pain are defined.
  2. Widely scattered (incoherent) infrared light is then introduced into the body through the skin.
  3. The light penetrates the different tissue layers, which act like filters and thus becomes more and more bundled.
  4. As a bundled (coherent) beam, it finally reaches its target and often can produce beneficial health reactions  within seconds.

The Effect

In cooperation with the medical director and head of the pain department of the Ev. hospital in Herne, Dr. Kurt Saupp MD, the infrared therapy has been critically examined in especially severe cases of pain – with good results. 70% percent of the patients who were treated with infrared therapy experienced a significant improvement. The placebo effect was zero percent!  In comparison, a second test group was treated with medication. The therapeutic success was between 35 and 40 percent, and the placebo effect, at 60 percent was extremely high. This helps to validate the beneficial properties of the infrared holistic therapy in practice

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