Sound Therapies

Sound Therapies are “translations” of Mandel’s color frequency patterns  available on audio cassettes or CDs – order here.  The variety of sound therapies address many issues:

Colorsound Therapies

* Psychosomatic Balancing

* Back Pain

* Headache / Migraine

* Insomnia

* Immune System

* Concentration

* Motivation

Esogetic Sound Patterns

* #1 Polarity (Balance)

* #2 Fantasy and Fascination (Regeneration)

* #3 Primary Power (Self-Confidence)

* #4 Power of Life (Vitality)

* #5 To Form & To Thrive (Self-Knowledge)

* #6 To Have & To Be (Change)

* #7 The Way & The Goal (New Orientation)

* #8 Beginnings & Endings (Harmony)

* #9 Fulfillment (Completion)

Esogetic Conflict Resolution (set of 4 therapies)

Wholeness Body, Soul, Spirit (set of 3 therapies)

Free Yourself with Sound! by Gitte Henneg (Book)

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Please note:
Tapes are recorded for headphone listening on one side and stereo on the other side.  Instructions for the tapes come in German.  English translation instructions are available upon request.  Copying of tapes will result in loss of high and low end frequencies and impair treatments.

It is important not to save or copy the CD’s onto a computer or MP3 player.  Doing so reduces the data volume and important signals to only 10%, especially signals in imperceptible frequency ranges will be lost.