Ultraviolet Light Therapies

Since the 1980’s, Dr. Peter Mandel has continued to revise and expand his therapeutic system to find ways to heal illness and pain and to contact our personal information flow.  Informing the creation of Mandel’s new ultraviolet therapies is the one of the most momentous discoveries of recent medical research, that the human being has a second brain located in the abdomen. This new area of Neuro- Gastroenterolgy validated for Mandel what had been empirically a fact  for quite a while. Dr Michael Gershon of the University of Columbia, NY has said:

“The intestines are controlled by a second brain, which sends considerably more signals to the head than what it receives from there. This abdomen brain works completely  autonomously.  The abdomen brain is the guarantor for the survival of mind and spirit in this dimension. It is the source of psychoactive substances (serotonin/dopamine), which are connected to our feelings.”

Researchers place the formation of the abdomen brain during embryonic development. Nerve cells migrate to the stomach during the formation of the neural ear and the neural cell cord. The spinal chord and the vagus nerve form a bridge between the two brains. As 70% of all immune active cells exist in the intestines it can now be better explained how feelings and the immune system are mutually dependent.

Based on it’s frequency at the edges of the visible spectrum, ultraviolet light has a higher level of penetration into matter.  He has developed a treatment called the “Information Barrier” which uses ultraviolet light to operate as a “door opener” for the head/gut link.

This not only activates the flow of information in a person but it is also useful in gut ecology illnesses such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Crohn’s disease.

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