Intensive Seminar

Following the completion of the Basic Practitioner Certification Course and the Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis I, II, & III, the Intensive Seminar is the next step in the International Mandel Institute Training.

The Intensive is a seven-day workshop taught in two segments.

This workshop provides an integration of Energy Emission Analysis and the training in Basic Esogetic Colorpuncture. The training is intended to allow the therapist to gain greater clarity in their choice of therapies especially in severe conditions, therapy resistant cases and cases which show only partial success.

This is achieved through better understanding of the evaluation clues and the interconnectedness of the dominant phenomena.  Emphasis is placed on evaluation of case studies from clinical settings.

Completion of the Intensive week is a requirement for those who want to complete the Diploma level as Esogetic Practitioners.  This course is offered periodically and Certified Practitioners will be notified when it is scheduled.