Tree of Life Crystal Seminar

The Tree of Life is an ancient image of creation. It’s an objective map of the laws that the universe is ruled by. Through it’s pathways the divine light descends and becomes manifest in this world and man has the option to develop upwards through the branches of the tree.

For many years Peter has been interested in using this map of the human psyche to support individual soul evolution. Physical complaints and soul conflicts behind them are revealed.

Included in this training are the Crystal Bardo and Karma therapies. These treatments open up the Bardo of Light or the space between incarnations and allow an understanding of our own karma.

Peter says: “Once we understand the light and this space then karma is no longer a problem.”

This is an Advanced Seminar that can be attended by people who have attended the Introduction to Esogetic Colorpuncture workshop. Cost: $500.00

If you would like to attend one of these classes and haven’t attended an Introductory workshop, please contact us.

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