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12 Healing Symbols12 Healing Symbols

Peter Mandel has created twelve new healing symbols which are based on the work of Erich Korbler. Korbler has called his method ” New Homeopathy” because it is affecting the subtle energetic field of the body via geometrical figures. Peter mentions in his manual that he has been using these symbols successfully on animals.

Bioprotect CarBioprotect Car

The Bioprotect-car is for protection in the car. The protection range is up to 4m.

Paingone GelPaingone Gel

The Paingone gel from Nociceptol has a faster stronger antinociceptive effect than Norofen gel in an animal model of nociceptive pain.” Clinical studies show Paingone as a faster and more effective pain reliever than Ibuprofen. The product is enhanced with Essential oils.


The Disc of ElementsThe Disc of Elements

These are holographic patterns which contain supraordinate feedback functions and are thus able to provide regulatory impulses.

Dream Disc SetDream Disc Set

“Dream Yourself Free – Activation of Dreams through Symbols” Peter Mandel Dream Set:
Includes Dream Disc, Book with Symbol Cards and Esogetic Oil

Soul Spirit Element Crystals with Gold & Silver Box SetSoul Spirit Element Crystals with Gold & Silver Box Set

Box set contains four faceted Soul Spirit crystals plus the gold and silver crystals used to treat deeper emotional layers and connect to the spirit levels.

Love DiscLove Disc

Through trials with the disc Peter observed that it’s primary affect is a deepening into the being and support for clearing unresolved attachment conflicts. By applying the Disc of Love to specific zones on the skin a resonant vibration is generated and people are able to encounter the boundless love of the Creator. This supports people in loving themselves.”

Love Disc SetLove Disc Set

In conjunction with the Oil of Love, the effectiveness of the Love Disc is increased. The essential Oil of Love has been developed especially for this application, and it is based upon a secret formula.

Perlux F333 Flat Focus Light PenPerlux F333 Flat Focus Light Pen

Hand-held tool uses flat, colored plastic caps instead of glass rods; each infused with natural dyes of different spectral colors (red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue and violet).

PAINGONE Piezo Electric ImpulserPAINGONE Piezo Electric Impulser

This handheld device sends tiny Piezo Electric impulses into acu-points on the skin and can be used instead of acupuncture needles.

Esogetic Herb OilEsogetic Herb Oil

A patented formula of 24 essential oils used in Mandel’s Dream Zone Therapy to activate dreaming and in other supportive treatments.  It comes with an instruction booklet describing the oil and treatments.

Crystal Puncture with Embedded HologramsCrystal Puncture with Embedded Holograms

These tiny adhesive crystals are applied directly (with a non-allergenic adhesive) to specific acupuncture and reflex points on the skin.

$130.00 130
Gold CrystalGold Crystal

Faceted gold crystal for application to reflex points on the body to stimulate self-healing powers and relaxation.  Gold symbolizes sun/masculine.

Crystal Meditation HeadbandCrystal Meditation Headband

This new creation from Peter Mandel is embedded with tiny crystals arranged in the ancient symbols connected with the eight trigrams of the Chinese I CHING. The symbols used in this Meditation Headband are designed to activate feelings of centeredness and openness to spirit.

Crystal Meditation Headband Manual

Silver CrystalSilver Crystal

Faceted silver crystal for application to reflex points on the body to stimulate self-healing powers and relaxation.  Silver symbolizes moon/feminine.

New: The Bioprotect-h DeviceNew: The Bioprotect-h Device

Bioprotect-h is harmless for the physical body because it doesn’t induce an electrical current flow and only has an effect on the first dermal layer. However, it provides reliable protection against penetration of this radiation into your body. You just plug it into the wall in your home, or office and it does the work of protecting you.

Dr. Pain TENS DeviceDr. Pain TENS Device

The Pain Doctor allows the relief of chronic and acute pain. There are no known side effects and there is no danger of poisoning or overdose.

Esogetic Herb TeaEsogetic Herb Tea

Fourteen herbs in this new relaxing tea support the stimulation of the zones reinforcing dream activation.